The nickel pyramid began as a joke. After obtaining the premium domain name z9z, I decided to come up with a crazy idea that would give people a reason to visit z9z. I also thought it would be cool to be a world record holder. So I have decided to build the tallest and most valuable nickel pyramid in the world. The main mission of z9z is to create something that makes you say wow. If the current size does not yet make you say wow…. It soon will! Come back soon!

Will I reach my goal of 1,000,000 nickels?
add your nickels now!

Bellow is a list of people who have contributed to the nickel pyramid

Sponsors website/message

David  Meis 4,000 Nickels

Eric Lomeli 4,000 Nickels

Barbara Pieczyrak 220 Nickels

Home Jobs  50 Nickels

Rick 50 Nickels

Bidtunnel 40 Nickels

Rick 40 Nickels

Tarot & Spellcasting 20 Nickels

MP Computer Technology 20 Nickels

BIKINIS 20 Nickels

Rick 20 Nickels

All of us 20 Nickels

Fort Campbell Personals 20 Nickels

Rick 20 Nickels

Rick 20 Nickels

All of us 20 Nickels

Rick 20 Nickels

Advertising Tips 20 Nickels

Jessica Gonzeles 13 Nickels - - Build it bigger

illchilin 10 Nickels

Donny 10 Nickels

Donny 10 Nickels

$99 Websites 10 Nickels


Free one week cruise 10 Nickels

Make money on Google 1 Nickel

Conflict Resolution Training 1 Nickel

Uconn Huskies !!!

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